Call etiquette in business practices

Professional impressions are important in generating business and establishing relationships with prospects. Business people must practice call etiquette in order to overcome the natural resistance they may have when speaking with you.

There are four different steps to accomplishing this:

Remove Call Reluctance- A prospect is curious as to the nature of your call. This is a natural response. Categorize their needs by asking certain questions to diffuse any pressures and create common ground, this is will help create a comfortable atmosphere.

Take notes on each conversation- This is an important rule to follow as it will show that you are attentive to details of the call and it will make finding a solution a lot easier. Sometimes the little things that you remember about your prospect can make all the difference. Be sure to get all of their contact information, what their capacities are as a potential client, any distinguishing details that may help with building a relationship. Keep a small notepad for quick references.

Date Pages- It is imperative to take some time to set up a schedule for following up with your prospects. Document when the initial contact was, the details of the call and what the topic should be the next time you communicate with them.

Create a call/e-mail regimen- One the most efficient ways to organize and create a steady flow of contacts is to create a daily pattern for calling and responding by emails. This can be established either setting some time apart during the workday, or specifically assigning a block of time for making calls, follow ups, emails, etc.

By doing this consistently and continuously, you will create a network of potential prospects with established a rapport to ensure possible future business.

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