Debt Lead and List Types

Large quantities of sub-prime and credit related marketing leads are available to be usedfor direct marketing and mailing lists. Check out our Specials! . Clearing House Lists 5c to $1.

Many of our website visitors are interested in relief from unsecured debts;consumers whom have responded to our ads by submitting an online application and assigned to a professional in real time. Filters and additional criteria can be discussed with your Oconco Marketing representative.

Bankruptcy– Home Foreclosure Referrals

Considering our direct response marketing for financial services hot leads and phone calls are generated for bankruptcy and foreclosure help. Bankruptcy lawyers that can offer mortgage loan modification services and or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the ideal professional for these users. Since this traffic is plentiful, other related services could be offered to those with bankruptcy questions or need help avoiding foreclosure.


Credit Repair Leads and Prospects for Credit Restoration as well as our other websites have traffic and form submissions of consumers looking to repair their credit history or dispute specific errors on their credit report. Identity theft issues are common amongst our legal assistance traffic. We also have data aggregate loan turndowns and many whom have encountered problems due to their low credit score. Our hottest leads consists of people who completed our online lead form requesting a consultation with a credit restoration expert.

Debt Consolidation and Debt Settlement Leads

We pride ourselves with having the hottest leads for credit consolidation and unsecured debt programs. We get thousands of subprime hits on our forms daily. Most people simply want help and one low monthly payment. Our debt leads come from our own internet marketing service. Whether you are here because you offer a program for credit card debt, debt harassment, debt validation, student loan debt relief or any other debt relief program to either help people repay their debt or claim a personal hardship, we can provide you with leads.

Debt Consolidation Content Pages

IRS Tax Debt Prospects

We have limited traffic for IRS Tax debt prospects. That traffic consists of business tax debt, personal tax debt that includes federal unpaid taxes as well as unpaid state taxes. Since that traffic is limited availability and filters to omit tings such as state tax should be negotiated when you call.

Bad Credit Loans

Oconco has vast numbers of subprime traffic via digital marketing for financial services. We are willing to provide leads to firms that have non-predatory loan products to offer. The types of programs we like to offer are private investors for real estate such as viable rent to own products, ethical subprime loans, secured credit cards that report frequently to the credit bureaus for credit rebuilding and other products that consolidate debt. We are an internet marketing company for a myriad of bad credit loans as well as other user-friendly products we’re proud to offer. If you have something valuable to offer a portion of our subprime traffic, give us a ring and let us know how you could benefit our users.