Personal Injury Referrals

Personal Injury Referrals

Personal injury traffic on our legal web sites started back in 1995; generating all of our own leads for lawyers using our own sites and internally controlled marketing campaigns.If you join our network, all leads will be 100% exclusive and prescreened with our intake team. Oconco Marketing encourages a slow testing phase without long terms commitments or contracts. We believe we can impress you from the start!.

personal injury

Personal injury claims are generally broken up into these categories: personal injury, workers compensation, and automobile or motor vehicle accident. Mass Tort and bed sore claims are treated differently. Medical Malpractice is generally filtered out. Exclusive practice areas can be discussed based upon availability. The aim is to target the injured person while they are actively searching for an injury lawyer referring them to you to evaluate their case.

Territories are assigned on a first come- first serve basis so call for a rate quote and tour of the personal injury referral service

We serve individual attorneys as well as large multi regional firms. This page serves as just a flyer. Please contact us directly for additional information.