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Mortgage and Real Estate Lead Generation

Homeowner campaigns available, conforming through foreclosure. Categories of refinance, debt consolidation and equity loans; home buying and selling including first-time homebuyer programs, vacation and second home purchase leads, loss mitigation and loan modification; including short sale or bankruptcy You can buy mortgage leads via premium and exclusive data access or a reduced price for shared or archive access. Refinance and purchase leads consists of consumers requesting free rate quotes interested in a loan for a home they already own or looking for a new home purchase; not necessarily a first time home owner but possibly 2nd home or vacation home purchases. Foreclosure and loan modification leads are also within in this category but filter to match your industry description.

Most quote requests are assigned to a mortgage broker within minutes of being submitted. Most often we get requests for small files of real-time to 30 day old leads for individual use or large files of 20,000 or more leads for call centers and telemarketing. Additional filters and criteria can be discussed with your representative. We have a variety of targeted databases to pull from.


Our system for Loan Modification – Foreclosure Prevention – Notice of Default Leads.

Oconco Marketing’s mortgage refinance internet leads, updated to adhere to current criteria for home financing are contained within a huge archive building up since 1999. Since 2006 we have been building out many of our mortgage portals to include foreclosure content and encourage those facing foreclosure to seek out immediate help for their mortgage hardship.

We can pull records from the data aggregationthat are behind on their mortgage and in fear of losing their home. These homeowners are having difficulties making their mortgage payment, their payment is about to adjust, or they are otherwise afraid of foreclosure. We insure that the consumer is not currently in bankruptcy, is employed, and the home value is substantial enough to fit the current industry standard.

Leads range from 100% exclusive leads through call lists; provided to telemarketing call centers to produce their own leads and/or live transfers. Based on your business plan we can supply leads with a criteria you feel will best suite your company’s needs.

Aftermarket leads are available for alternative marketing methods to suite your unique needs and An additional aggregate are recent homebuyers, people that have recently closed on a new home purchase, which generally includes the date purchased, purchase price, lender, home value, mortgage amount, as well all the contact information of the consumer plus much more.

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