Leads For Timeshares and Discount Travel Programs

Leads for the Timeshare industry

BULK Rates As Low AS 2cents!

Leads for Timeshare Day Tours, Mini Vacations and Discount Travel Programs. Exit Programs and Timeshare Resale Programs. Age, Income, and Geo Targeting is not a problem!

Customized Travel-Timeshare Leads

We’re happy to host your custom campaign based on your company programs and design. Opt in datacan either be sent in real time or fresh batch file. Oconco Marketing can also pull archive travel leads from a data aggregate.

Show and Box Program Description

Trade show, pop display and event services, which promote your customized offer displayed at an event or high traffic location.


Timeshare Owners and Sellers

Timeshare owners- fresh and aged including resort name; internet leads of consumers who inquired about selling or renting their timeshare.

Tour No-Buys

Age and income qualified prospects that have recently toured a timeshare but did not purchase. Resort name included.

Tour No Buys and Heavy Travelers

We currently have an aggregate database of tour no buys for sale and receive fresh batches whenever possible. The name of the resort or the marketing company that booked the tour is included. Fresh leads also available. Additionally we have targeted lists of timeshare owners and consumers that travel frequently; ideal for discount travel programs.

Discount Travel Records

Approximately 700-1000 fresh discount travel leads in daily production from the US and Canada,. The same level of production in UK, European countries, and Australia/New Zealand. Leads can be sent in real time or batched. Aggregate databases include primary interest groups, contact information and option e-mail address.

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